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ToP :: Endless Phantasy by waterlilly ToP :: Endless Phantasy by waterlilly
This drawing is pretty old (August 2002), but it's also one of my favorites up to date.

The characters are Alan Alvein (swordman), Carol Adnade (healer), Edward Morrison (mage) and Winona Bigford (Archer) from Tales of Phantasia . They're pretty much unknown if you've only played the game, as you only see them in the beginning. XD

This was done in Photoshop 5.5, using a mouse to both ink and color. I had a major cramp after the inking but I still had to endure for the coloring. It's one of my successful CGs and I'm overall happy with it. I would have had time to do a background if it weren't for the deadline of the contest, which I submitted on the last day. I was also working on another contest which had the same deadline.. so I was pretty stressed out. But boo, I won neither. :crying: I did get an "honorable mention" though.. so I guess it's better than nothing. ^^;
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disenchantedmuse Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Whoaaa~ I played this so long ago, the one I remember best is Edward Morrison! I remember bits of Alan and Carol, but why don't I remember Winona? :XD:
Doctor-Talon Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome job!!! I instantly heard the boss music playing as the game begins! ToP is easily my favorite JRPG that isn't made by Square-Enix, and pictures like these make me glad ToP gets a lot of love from its fanbase!
TheGreatCynthiaJolin Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2008  Student Digital Artist
wow it's so awsome!!! I love it, good job! ^-^
awisha-teh-ninja Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2008
ah! i remember them! wow.. cant believe you found out there names.. mostley just the archer part...
anyway. ^___^ i know my comment is late. but i still love it. they all look so intense!!!

FWEE!~ :heart:
teh nicely sweetness of teh good jobs!!!
delimew Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2007
wow, that really is a great. good job ^-^

btw, i'm really interested in all this other stuff about ToP, don't suppose anyone knows a way i could find out more about it?
Cynical-emo Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2007
Whoa, that looks so cool!
Hyrule-Phantasian Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2006  Student Traditional Artist
Yeah. The swordsman is lying on the ground and Edward uses Indignation. That's such a fun move. Nice art.
nepheliad Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2006
Very nice. Not personally huge on ToP, but love the focus on minor characters.
HHB-BookMaster Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2006
Nicely done! It's good to see obscure characters get the spotlight once in a while. ^_~
Mobius001 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2006
I love it! Very nice coloring job, keep it up!

"Truly, if there is evil in this world, it lies within the heart of mankind."
- Edward D. Morrison
Mutenroushi Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2006
UOO?! The original 4 heroes!! Im one of the rare live beings in this side of the planet that had read the romance that tell about their history! But second love? Whoa, I dontt remember about the first! >o<"
Great work!
Bipolar-Disorder Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2006
You hardly ever see Phantasia art for this group. I really like how Edward was portrayed in this picture, especially when you see the concept art for Morrison. The faces look excellent!
antinonconformist Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2005   Photographer
Un. Be. LIEVABLE! Love this piece!!! *faves*
reenas-as Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2004
beautiful! I wish I had a fraction of your talent...
ithilgwenn15237 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2004
I LOVE IT! +fav
RegineSkrydon Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
ooo wow! totally awesome coloring job!!!!!
Zue Featured By Owner May 22, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
:heart::worship::heart::worship::heart::worship::heart::worship::heart::worship::heart::worship::heart::worship::heart::worship::heart::worship: OMG~ Must... save this on my compie.... to see everyday~~ @w@
Fera-V Featured By Owner May 14, 2004
Ah ! The poses are great, wasn't Dhaos' first love interest Carolyn? (A lot of info was posted on a ToP board some time ago)
Anyway, I can't believe this was inked and cg'd with a mouse - I would feel so special if my CG stuff looked like that :D
Edward looks very Tornix-y ^^
waterlilly Featured By Owner May 14, 2004
Thank you for the comment! :hug: I used a wheel mouse too. XD

I'm not sure about the spelling of the name (Karlin, Carlyn, etc. XD), but she was indeed his first love. She died when giving Dhaos some extra powers to travel through time... I think. ^^;

Well, Tornix is basicly an Edward clone. They look the same and their personalities are similar. XD
Fera-V Featured By Owner May 14, 2004
...all sprites have a tendency to look similiar XD
And poor Dhaos who gets his life screwed up... ah well.
Don't you just love all the subplotting in Tales?
Cklaighe Featured By Owner May 12, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
Etoh.... weird names?! Alan Alvein - Cless; Carol adnade - Mint; Winona - Chester?! Hmm.... has to be one of those original fanart crossovers, dunno where they came from...

Nice concept and great colors!!! ^_^

waterlilly Featured By Owner May 12, 2004
Um... they're not fanart crossovers... o.O;

If you've played the game, you must have noticed 4 characters in the intro battling Dhaos. ^^; Almost everyone thinks they're Cless's parents and Mint's mother... but they're not. The battle happened after the year 4210 AD, while the present time is 4304 AD.

Alan Alvein is Cless's ancestor (great grandfather). He started the School of Alvein, but the concept of the "Alvein fighting style" has unknown origins even to Alan.

Carol Adnade is Mint's ancestor (great grandmother). She's the first publicly known Cleric (Healer) who doesn't uses Mana as a source of power. The order of the Clerics started in the year 4210 AD.

Winona Bigford is Dhaos 2nd love interest (yes, 2nd), but they couldn't be together because of what Dhaos did (take part in a war to stop the Magitek Cannon) and Dhaos didn't want her to get hurt. She's the first person he met when he came to the planet. She also knows Rhea Scarlet and Arche Klaine personally.

And Edward is Tornix's grandfather. I'm not sure if he's a full elf or half elf though..

I'm not making this stuff up as this info was gathered from official Tales of Phantasia novels and drama CDs. ^^;
Raxis Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2011
Ha, poor Clause and Chester are just the oddballs who have no personal connection to either set of heroes who traveled with a Morrison x] That was very informative, thanks! :D

Edward sure does take longer to defeat Dhaos than Cress does :x (4202 vs. 4210)

At least one translation says Edward is a half-elf.
craiglucca Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2007
Wow, where did you find a ToP novel?!

Amazing job and we only get to see these heroes briefly in battle, so that's awesome too.
Cklaighe Featured By Owner May 12, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
O yeah!!! Sorry, i've completely forgotten about them...

It's the battle scene at the first where they casted indignation... XD Sorry bout that!

Great artwork!!!

Great, great concept!!!
waterlilly Featured By Owner May 13, 2004
Yeah, it's hard to forget them because you only see them at the very beggining and are never mentioned later on. XD

Thanks for your comment! :hug:
sapphire-pyro Featured By Owner May 11, 2004
These characters are cool! :D
sylvansymphony Featured By Owner May 10, 2004
Wai~ I remember seeing this on our website. It's one of my favourite pictures too. XD; I really like how you portrayed the characters in terms of expression and poses. And I think the game background is well suited anyway, it emphasizes the characters as well as the game they're from seeing as its the intro-menu screen. I'm still amazed that youn did this with a mouse. o_o I've sort of gotten used to using a tablet and now the mouse seems so stiff.

Anyways. :+fav: ^_^!
waterlilly Featured By Owner May 13, 2004
Thanks! :hug: :hug:

When I got my tablet, I actually preferred using my mouse than using it because I was so used to inking and CGing with a mouse. Now that I use a tablet, it's hard for me to use a mouse. ^^;

I wanted to do a similar pose with the ToP characters to make some sort of comparison... with them facing the right. XD I still haven't done it. <- lazy
Celebes Featured By Owner May 10, 2004
OMG, beautiful! :heart:
anime-maneac Featured By Owner May 10, 2004
O_o Love your picture! I wish I could color as well as you do. ^-^;
EripajOn Featured By Owner May 10, 2004
woww!!! i like the color great job !!:D
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